Abbeville High School

Athletic Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Roster
(Complete bios are available on Inductees from 1994 to present.
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Thomas "Tommy" Broussard    Inducted 1977 Lovic "Tiny" Touchet    Inducted 1977
Jack E. Cole    Inducted 1978  
Bobby Duhon    Inducted 1979  
Lindsay Landry    Inducted 1980  
Brady Broussard    Inducted 1982  
Reid Hebert    Inducted 1983  
David Rogers    Inducted 1984  
Gerald Hebert    Inducted 1986 Wayne Meaux    Inducted 1986
Johnny Duhon    Inducted 1987  
Mark Mouton    Inducted 1988 Barry Herbert    Inducted 1988
Ned Bond    Inducted 1989 Kenneth "Keno" Perry    Inducted 1989
Elmae Broussard Touchet  Inducted 1990 Thomas "Tommy" James Trahan  Inducted 1990
William Gooch    Inducted 1991 David Hal Perry    Inducted 1991
Bill Gooch    Inducted 1992 Charlotte Walker Peterman    Inducted 1992
Eric W. Moss    Inducted 1993 Marcus I. Wright    Inducted 1993
Brenda Davis Motty    Inducted 1994  
Anthony J. “A.J.” Telotta    Inducted 1996 Anthony “Tony” Luke Frederick, Sr. Inducted 1996
Michael Paul Baudoin    Inducted 1996  
Jimmie Desiree' Gore    Inducted 1997 Ellis Vincent Jr.    Inducted 1997
Robert Donald Sehon    Inducted 1998 Carl A. Ledet, Sr.    Inducted 1998
Carl W. Nunez     Inducted 1999  
Kevin J. Meyers     Inducted 2000 
Ken J. Meyers    Inducted 2001 Guy R. Thibodeaux    Inducted 2001
Michael Brian Duhon   Inducted 2002 Donovan Carl Campbell   Inducted 2002
Russell Betts   Inducted 2003  
Billy P. Dugas   Inducted 2004  
Howard M. Landry   Inducted 2005 Latasha L Mitchell   Inducted 2005
Latasha Renee Dorsey   Inducted  2007 Jared John Mula   Inducted  2007
Mitchell Anthony Mula Inducted 2009  
Duane R. Dartez  Inducted 2010  
John Patrick Fleming Inducted 2011  
Maria Elise Romero 2012  
Dexter Jermaine Trahan 2013  
Shane Stelly 2014  
Michael Shane Parker 2015  

Travin S. Moore 2016